SPYR Join Forces with Spectacle Games to Co-Publish Pocket Starships MMO; Now Available on the App Store and Google Play Worldwide

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SPYR APPS, LLC develops and publishes fun and engaging social games for mobile devices. Utilizing the popular "freemium" monetization model, which leverages advertising as well as in-app purchases, SPYR APPS intends to continue to grow our social gaming portfolio as well as other mobile apps and platforms.

Dear Game Developers, we do everything you don’t want to do.

  • Monetization
  • Analytics
  • Premium ad-networks
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Marketing
  • Cross promotion
  • Partnership distribution deals

Management & Advisory Board

  • Mike Turner

Mike Turner, VP of Strategic Partnerships. An online games industry veteran, Mike has held leadership roles for companies such as Wargaming America, Inc. (the developer and publisher of World of Tanks), Big Collision Games and FASA Studios at Microsoft. While at Wargaming, Turner drove partnership activities for Wargaming’s own eSports organization in the Americas, the Wargaming.net League. The League is the pinnacle of competition where pro gamers from around the world compete for cash prizes and worldwide recognition. Having previously delivered partnerships with gaming market leaders like Twitch, Intel, & Nvidia for Wargaming, Mike intends to take SPYR’s flagship game, Pocket Starships in a more competitive direction, where he believes the game will be well received by eSports fans.

Mike is responsible for mapping out and implementing a strategy for the Pocket Starships’ eSports initiative, the publication of Pocket Starships in Asian markets, assisting the SPYR team with its user acquisition, marketing and monetization efforts with respect to Pocket Starships and any other title it has published or may publish in the future. Mike’s focus at SPYR will be the development of strategic partnerships for SPYR’s games in Asian markets, as well as launching a new eSports division, an area in which Turner has been an industry innovator.

  • Lars Koschin

Koschin began his career in the interactive entertainment industry as co-founder of Gamigo, one of the biggest online game magazines and MMO Publisher in Germany, where he spent the next six years overseeing all technical and MMOG-related operations as Chief Technical Officer. In July of 2007, he took over as CTO of Curse Inc, a highly popular MMO game portal. Later he led the US Office for Gameforge and founded Frogster America Inc. to launch Runes of Magic, one of the most successful free to play MMOs on the market. In his career he has launched about 25 MMO games. His academic achievements include degrees from the Management Akademie of RWE and from TraiCen Technology School, both based in Muenster. He also holds the official multimedia teaching license of the German government.

  • Juhana Kotilainen

Juhana Kotilainen has over 10 years of experience in mobile and social games, having worked with global brands like Sulake’s “Habbo Hotel” and as early marketing executive on Rovio’s “Angry Birds.” He is currently the CEO and Founder of Silvermile, a new mobile games company based in Helsinki, San Francisco and Bogota. Silvermile has raised funding from a number of sources globally and has other veterans from Rovio Entertainment and Habbo Hotel as part of its founding team. Mr. Kotilainen has a successful record of accomplishment in creating industry changing solutions and new commercial channels in mobile, advertising, marketing, cross-promotion, branding, partnerships, product design, and monetizing mobile games. As one of the early hires at Rovio, Juhana Kotilainen was responsible for marketing, business development, branding, partnerships, user acquisition, licensing, and creative solutions to maximize the growth of the hugely successful “Angry Birds” mobile game. During his tenure, the company grew from 20 employees to 700 employees, and it experienced 1 Billion downloads and $195 million in yearly revenue. Juhana has multiple advisory board positions including listed SPYR INC and San Francisco based Rivus Media Inc.

  • Edward Laws

Leadership positions in online and mobile, initially as a finance director counting the beans and subsequently a commercial SVP earning the beans. Specialist industry expertise in mobile advertising and mobile monetization across verticals such as Gaming, Music, Entertainment, Media and Social. In my earlier days I qualified as ACA Chartered Accountant and wore a suit very often - still remain a numbers orientated professional.